Simple Shift : natural deodorant + some tips on making the switch

Simple Shift is a way to share a small change we’ve made towards a more mindful & conscious lifestyle : a simpler, environment-conscious, clean & healthier shift for daily living. I’m hoping the series will make it feel easy & doable to shift personal habits for a better life for our families & our world. More on this personal lifestyle switch here.

This is a change that I feel most happiest about and it’s one I want to push everyone around me to do. I know there are always all kinds of opinions on whether antiperspirants are as harmful as some might suggest, here’s a study via EWG that I consider as a very trusted source.

I feel so happy that we made this switch from antiperspirants years ago and there’s been no looking back. BUT this is also a switch that needs a little bit of un-learning and learning in the process, otherwise one wants to ditch natural deos and go back to antiperspirants.

When I started to make the shift it took me a while, because it requires a little bit of un-learning on the feeling of clean that we have gotten used to thanks to the antiperspirants (spoiler: you have to get used to the feeling of sweat)

+Here are a few tips about making this switch+
  1. It takes 2-4 weeks for your body to get used to the switch, basically get rid of everything that has been trapped because of conventional deodorants in your pores. This is called a detox phase. (More on that here)
  2. Some natural deodorants can irritate your skin. If you experience that switch to a baking soda free formula.
  3. Get used to sweating (sweat isn’t necessarily equal to smell). Using antiperspirants for years made me associate “clean” with dry arm-pits, when in reality our glands need to sweat to remove toxins from the body.
  4. Shower daily. Or if you like to skip a day in between like me, wash your arm-pits atleast every morning before applying deodorant.
  5. Wax or shave armpits at night. Use deodorants in the morning. Never apply deodorant right after hair removal because skin can be irritated.
  6. What you eat can make your sweat smell bad. I’ve heard that people who eat really clean don’t even smell (i KNOW – not for Pakistanis though with all of the onions and garlic in our food haha).
  7. Hormonal fluctuations can also affect body odor, eg: at puberty and then at different times of your menstrual cycle. On some days you’ll notice you don’t smell bad at all.
  8. In summer months when you tend to sweat more, I like to use deodorant twice in the day.

I was kindly sent this deodorant from Primally Pure just to try it out (this isn’t a collaboration) and have been using it for the past many months (it’s lasted very long). I have to tell you I absolutely love it, enough that I felt like taking photos and sharing it in this post too:). I’ve experienced skin irritation from previous clean deodorants but absolutely nothing from this. I would definitely recommend this.

Here’s the Primally Pure’s Deodorant in Geranium | ALSO amazing tips on their website too on making the switch to natural deodorant | ALSO this post on what’s so bad about your regular deodorants


For my Pakistani friends, please check out Mah.riya for natural deodorants. I love what this brand is about and what they’re doing. Here are their deos.

Two other brand recommendations : Schmidt | Native (both are affiliate links – more on that here)


Have you made this switch already? If you haven’t, are you inspired now?

Lots of love, Nataliya