A meaningful Ramadan: One thing I loved this month

Can’t believe that we are almost at the end of this Ramadan. We always say this but really it went by so fast. As we go through these last few blessed nights, I just wanted to write down what’s felt beautiful about this Ramadan, our second one in some sort of a lockdown or covid restrictions*

(Here’s a recap of the last one: The Ramadan corner | a few favorite Ramadan resources )

The one thing that made this Ramadan feel more meaningful was diversifying my Ibadah

Praying taraveeh & reading the Quran is always talked about as the main ways to remember Allah and do ibadah in Ramadan; but I’ve realized they’re not the only ways. I find that for me it’s alot more enjoyable to add spiritual books, lectures & other things to remember Allah and be mindful of Him which is the purpose. Ibadah is also giving sadqa or making a dua list which I found myself doing on nights when it was my break from fasting. I wanted to share for anyone who struggles with staying up nights praying (please no shaming on judging on that). Alhamdullilah it’s felt amazing to realize there are so many ways for us to connect with and remember Allah.

+ I’ve enjoyed these +

(Books): Turning the tide by Suma Din, Secrets of Divine Love by A. Helwa, The veil and the male elite by Fatima Mernissi . (ALSO LOVE : Reza Aslan’s No god but God, Leslie Hazleton’s The first muslim )

(Lectures): Khalid Zaheer’s Why Islam, Omar Suleman’s Meeting Muhammad (SAW). Also loved listening to the conversations between Hamza Ali Abbasi & Khalid Zaheer . (Heard great things about Mufti Menk’s series on verses of hope & healing)

(Recitation – I get asked about this every little while ever since I linked it in stories a little while ago): Omar Hisham Al Arabi‘s Quranic recitations are just beyond beautiful. I’ve shared Surah Rahman multiple times in my stories on Instagram because it brings so much peace to my heart especially when I put it on the tv and follow along on the meanings as well.

(Music): This is my spiritual music playlist that I love listening to while making iftar.

(Blogs & other reading): Amaliah is one of my favorites. On Instagram: The Mizan is beautiful | Also these duas feel so close to my heart

*with vaccinations the situation is much different in the US now and things are starting to open up. If you’re local here’s the latest on King County covid phases.