My bedtime rituals + the softest pjs in the world

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I don’t know when I became that person who’s too tired to take off her makeup and just crashes into bed every night! But that’s been changing this year because I’ve rediscovered how amazing having a bedtime ritual can be; especially on days where things are feeling extra hard..

These extra minutes I spend have been feeling like just the luxury I need in life right now ..also the perfect mindful end to the day!

Thought I’d share my little bedtime rituals incase you need a little pick me up inspiration too :):)

+ my favorite bedtime rituals these days +

1: Oil Cleansing: I’ve been obsessed ever since I heard about it from Jenna Kutcher. It’s my kind of routine because it’s so simple (no fancy products besides a facial oil), sustainable (no makeup wipes for the trash every day) & it feels like such a spa moment right at home. And skin feels SO good. This is what it is & I use an organic almond oil I found on Amazon (link here).

2: Comfy PJs: Slipping into the softest pjs by Cozy Earth makes me so excited to get into bed every night, and that’s saying alot because I’m such a night person. These pjs are unbelievably soft, so luxurious and they’re made with a sustainable bamboo fabric (so good). Cozy Earth was kind enough to send these to me but I’ve been wearing them for the most of this year, washed them many many times and am happy to tell you I love them! (You can use the code NATALIYA50 to get 50% off your purchase at Cozy Earth)

3: Chai in bed: Bringing my last chai of the day to bed is my moment of comfort these days. I’ll sip it while I do some work on my laptop or read my nightly blogs with music playing on our bedroom speaker. Feels so cozy especially as the days are getting chillier!

4: Reading my kindle: This is an old ritual of mine that has become an addiction maybe since I can’t fall asleep if my kindle isn’t with me (ha). Because I love to read in bed lying down, kindle is actually so much easier than real books (even when Bilal makes me turn off the light). I have the Kindle Paperwhite (link here) and borrow books from our library.

Kindle Paperwhite / Almond Oil / Cozy Earth PJs

Do you have a bedtime or otherwise ritual that is keeping you sane this year? Would love to hear.

Love, Nataliya