A few Ramadan resources just for you.

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Happy Ramadan to you and yours! I’m sure wherever you are, this time around this month comes with so many mixed emotions with how this virus has completely changed our lives.

If you’ve been following on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a few links I’ve been sharing. I thought it would be a better idea to put a list of resources together including a few other things I am loving right now from all over.

Bring your cup of chai or coffee and come along?


For me personally, listening to or reading an explanation of the Quran or tafsir has really helped connect more to Allah and to my faith. I started listening to Amina Elahi (linked below) on cassettes(!) back when I was in university and it took me 14ish years probably to finish the whole explanation. To date, it’s probably my favorite most personal projects. I shared these favorite resources on Instagram and linking them here too for your convenience. Going deeper into understanding the quran is something I really really recommend.

Javed Ahmed Ghamidi (Urdu)

Amina Elahi (English) / this is quite old but it’s the one I shared about above too.

Lots more options from Al-huda (English / Urdu)

Nouman Ali Khan’s sessions are great too. Here’s Surah Fatiha via Spotify. You can search by Surah for him on YouTube (English / Urdu)

I also enjoy Khalid Zaheer’s tafsir sessions (Urdu)

Qalam Institute also does a tafsir series. You can find them on your podcast app as well.

Love this ayah by ayah study to quickly go behind any verse from the Quran.


I get so many DMs about these on my Instagram so here are some of our most commonly used & favorite translations of the Quran.

First, this one up here was the most beautiful gift I received last Ramadan from my friend.

The message of the Quran by Muhammad Asad

The Study Quran by Seyyed Hossein Nasr

I’m also very excited about this Complete translation for the Quran for kids which uses age appropriate explanations + headings that make it so much easier for kids to understand and read.


Have shared about this absolute favorite too many times on Prophet Muhammad (SAW)’s life story told in a simple, very concise way. While it’s best for kids 7+, it’s a really enjoyable one to read one chapter of with them every night during Ramadan.

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Every year we love to borrow lots of Ramadan & Eid books from the library during the month. I shared some favorites once upon a time on here

Also loved this list via Amaliah

I have lots of other beautiful Muslim/Islamic books listed in my Amazon Storefront too.

Another list here along with ideas for activities & diys.


I read No God but God by Reza Azlan a few Ramadans ago every morning after Sehri and really really appreciated understanding Muslim history in a quick, easily readable way.

I’m loving the beautiful Ramadan section on Amaliah’s blog. It’s got so much inspiration + conversations going on that I’m loving randomly browsing through, especially in love with the Suhoor series that everyone can contribute to on Instagram.

This beautiful blog: Layali that just launched with beautiful posts on a healthy Ramadan, making dua, eid gifts and so much more.

Favorite most post from last year via Mamanushka about how to explain periods to your child in such an open yet age appropriate way during Ramadan since they might ask why you aren’t fasting or praying. LOVE IT SO MUCH. / And here’s another mom sharing about the same topic. So happy about these resources really!

And love this list of ways to stay connected even when you’re not fasting because of periods or pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Lastly, I had to add this one to make you laugh hopefully! I’m not on TicToc so this on IG specific to muslims is making me laugh so much right now.

I made a dua-list last year and loved it. Loved these tips on making one.


BEST ever summary of every area of our lives that we can be more mindful this Ramadan

These beautiful thoughts on spending a “green ramadan”

This post with practical tips on how to make this a greener Ramadan than previous ones

These amazing accounts on Instagram sharing beautiful messages and inspiration relating to our faith and how it connects to us living more mindful, sustainable lives: Faithfully Sustainable / Saarah Latif / Green Deen Tribe /


Wrote this back in 2013 about Ramadan traditions

One from back in 2012 reminiscing of the Ramadans spent at home

Last year at the end of Ramadan, I shared a few things that I really enjoyed doing including making a dua list, quran study with friends and more.

A few ideas to make Ramadan or Eid feel special for your kids

And I had written about raising kids who connect to their muslim identity once. This is one of my most favorite recent posts.

What are some of your favorites this Ramadan? Would love to know.

Love, Nataliya